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5 things you must know about pallet shelving racks.

5 things you must know about pallet shelving racks.

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Pallet rack is a warehouse storage system designed to hold items in horizontal shelves on multiple levels. Pallet shelving racks is a better solution for industrial shelving. Pallet racking system is more efficient than other warehouse systems due to the more utilization of vertical space; forklifts load and unload the materials. Used pallet shelving is the most popular type of industrial rack storage which creates using uprights as the vertical support columns. New pallet shelving is strong enough to stand and even the sturdiest have limits which doesn’t mean to spend money. Pallet rack beams and frames are the thing to add an extra layer of strength to the shelves. Pallet shelving racks can be used to store everything from old files in a basement to heavy spare parts in a warehouse. Shelving racks are easy to install and there are some factors which need to be considered before installing pallet racks.

Here are 5 things you must know about pallet shelving racks

What products are you going to store: They are selected based on the size and weight of the goods to be stored. The product and the pallet must have no overhang between them. The thing to consider is the size and shape to determine the dimensions of the pallet rack as well as the bottom boards. It essentially entails stacking pallets and can add layers to the shelves the overall load will increase. Stands need to be sturdy enough to bear the weight.
Location’s geography: location of the storage is important when choosing a pallet shelving rack. In the case of earthquake-prone areas, you need to take special precautions. The concrete floors should be able to handle the weight of the pallet racks and have potential ground motion to mitigate damage caused by earthquakes. There should be sufficient clearance from walls and columns.

Industrial shelving depends on pallet rack design

Design of the pallet racks: It should be designed in such a way that can be sturdy and robust enough to withstand heavy duty load. There must be 100% fail-safe connections between vertical and horizontal lines of the frame. A precise and well-controlled process from constructing the frames to adding the braces between them.
Rack Decking: Wire or wood are the materials used to strengthen pallet rack shelving stability. Wire decks are the most popular choice.
Lifting loads: If planning to install pallet racks, you need to consider how the products are going to be lifted and fitted onto pallets. Forklifts are excellent for this purpose and it is also important to take into account the aisle width.

Where can you place pallet shelving racks?

Pallet shelving racks are designed to store materials in multiple levels of horizontal rows. The shelving racks should be placed no closer than 300 m away from walls or obstruction at ends of racks. Expertise recommends 400 mm where available and distance will allow the forklift, whenever loaded with a pallet.

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