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6 tips to consider while buying new or used pallet racking.

6 tips to consider while buying new or used pallet racking.

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Pallet racks are the material handling storage system used in warehouses. Pallet racking stores products which are bundled together or palletized products on a pallet that requires forklifts to shift or lift items to multiple levels. There are various types of pallet rack systems available for warehouse and industrial storage facilities. When choosing pallet racking, one should make a lot of decisions and one of them is whether to buy new or used pallet racking

There are 6 tips to consider while buying new or used pallet racking:

  • Available Space: Pallet racks are three dimensional structures and important to buy pallet racks structure slightly smaller in dimension compared to the available space. Calculate the total floor space available for pallet racking and know the size and dimensions of pallet.
  • Pallet racks capacity: It is essential to measure the total pallet load, including width, depth and height. To know the exact weight and height capacity which is required for the operation. The capacity must be tested for systematic loading and unloading conditions.
  • Consider the cost: Cost is an important factor when buying a pallet racking system. The price perspective whether buying a new or used pallet rack. The overall inventory valuation includes different types of cost like, installation, maintenance, repair & replacement and cost of purchase. 
  • Purchase used racking system a reliable source: Used pallet rack is right to cut down the cost then well maintained & buying a new pallet racking will know it comes straight from the manufactures in its original condition. Buying a used pallet racking shelf could be a chance of damage. So, make sure to buy from a reliable dealer.
  • Warranty and repair options: New pallet rack comes with a warranty, maintenance and repair service. And, in a used pallet rack you should make sure to get pallets inspected by a qualified inspector to avoid any damages and issues.
  • Durability: It is essential when a considerable financial investment is made on the pallet racking. It often depends on the material, design, build quality and construction & operational situations of a pallet racking system. To ensure durability check for corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, chemical resistance and sustainability in an industrial environment.


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