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How to choose the right Pallet Rack Step Beams or Cross Beams for your pallet racking?

Know the length of your pallet rack beam, it comes in various sizes 8 foot beams are perfect for standard racking which can have 2 pallets on a shelf, if you choose a 12 foot pallet rack beam than you can go for 3 pallets on a shelf you can also select beams from 9-14 foot according to your requirements.


Knowing the length of the beam

The right way to know which size is going to fit you is to measure the space between your uprights or the width of your uprights bay, the clips of beams or the flange of the beam are not included in the beam measurement.


Step of the Beam

The step of the beam is used to hold any load support components such as pallet supports or wire decks.You can find the step of the beam on the back side it comes in various sizes which is measured in (inches) it is designed to for wire decks or pallet support to sit in the notch of the beam.


Right Capacity of the Beam

The taller the face of the beam is the more capacity the beam will have.You want to make sure that there is an even distribution of weight across the length of the beam because the longer the beam gets the more beam deflection.


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