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Different benefits of selective pallet racking.

Different benefits of selective pallet racking.


Selective pallet racking is a specific configuration that allows the user to select pallet load from the pallet racking system without moving other pallets. It is the most common pallet racking system. Selective pallet rack system is the least expensive variety available, based on cost-per-pallet position. It is different from other systems which avoids the need to move one pallet in order to access another. It also makes each pallet highly visible and easy to load and unload. 

Selective pallet racking is one of the most common warehouse storage systems. Here are the few benefits of selective pallet racking or selective pallet rack advantages, they are:

  • Cost-effective: It has an amazingly easy design to manufacture, install and teach to the worker.  It is least expensive and requires minimal labor to install. The materials and installation of a selective pallet racking system makes it inexpensive. 
  • Easy installation: To install the selective pallet racking system, there is no need for skills. It can be constructed in a matter of minutes or days depending on size. 
  • Ease of access: Selective pallet racking ensures easy access to all pallets unlike other pallet racking systems. You can access every pallet in the warehouse without having to set other items aside. Selective pallet racking can be a good system if the warehouse stocks a large number of  items in low numbers.
  • First in, First out (FIFO): Inventory management is an important factor for deciding which type of rack system will suit. To evaluate the current inventory management system is critical. Using the FIFO system for inventory management is beneficial for storing large quantities of products. This management system promotes moving older stock first which will help to avoid being stuck with older products.
  • Utilize storage space: Selective pallet racking will fit and store most spaces regardless of the size of the warehouse. With minimal labor, the warehouse can ensure that every cm of s[ace is being optimized. It will give the ultimate flexibility in storage systems, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.


Some disadvantages of selective pallet racking

Here are some disadvantages of selective pallet racking:

  • Need for more available space: It requires more available space in the warehouse. If a space of a warehouse is reduced for its storage needs then a selective system is not the best option.
  • High storage: Despite being inexpensive in their design and installation, the storage costs per sq. meter is higher because it is not compact and requires more space to store the same unit loads. 
  • Designed for a specific volume of goods: Selective pallet racking is designed for those companies whose warehouses have stock in low or medium volume of goods. It is not suited for high volume applications.

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