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Different types of Pallet Rack Accessories

Different types of Pallet Rack Accessories


Accessories for pallet racks include various items, each of which is intended to improve the stored goods’ safety, the structure of the rack, and the operator. The following is a list of the most common pallet rack accessories :

  • Protectors: Protectors are incorporated into pallet racks to prevent accidental blows from causing structural damage. Some examples of these safety elements include pallet rack dividers, corner protectors, end aisle protectors, post and frame protectors, pallet rack tool holders, and post reinforcers.
  • Metal mesh panels: Load levels made of metal mesh panels are used in racking systems to support the various loads that are placed on the pallets and the goods that are stored on them. Because it is fastened to the support bars, the rectangular mesh contributes significantly to the structure’s rigidity. The unit is mounted on the beams in such a way that no additional hardware is required for the installation. 
  • Galvanized tray: The galvanized tray is constructed so that it can be mounted directly onto the beams without the need for any additional fixings. It is an accessory for industrial racks that are used in conjunction with picking beams to store and retrieve items. They can have a surface that is either smooth or grooved. 
  • Chipboard panels: Chipboard panels are supplemental components that are not required for the racking system but can be utilized in a variety of different ways there. They can be mounted directly on the beams with the assistance of retainers at the beam’s ends in order to achieve a more snug and secure fit. 
  • Support bars: Support bars are structural components that are secured perpendicularly to the beams. They permit the placement of pallets, panels, or a load that does not require palletizing, depending on the type of support bars that have been installed. Support bars are also known as braces.
  • Container support: Supports for containers are a type of accessory for industrial racks that are utilized in situations in which the unit loads being stored are containers that have legs on the ends of their bodies. It is composed of two supports that have beams arranged in a cross pattern on top of them.
  • Floor pallet backstops: Floor pallet backstops are a different kind of backstops than the others because they are an optional component. They are fastened to the floor in order to perform the function of a warning and to keep any unit loads that are placed on them in place. You can purchase them in either a single or double-unit configuration.
  • Drum and cylinder support: These brackets provide support for drums and cylinders by attaching directly to the beams that are used in industrial racking. Their primary function is to facilitate the storage of cylinder-shaped loads of specialized types, most commonly drums. 
  • Coil rack: A wide variety of materials that are wound on coils can be easily stored using coil racks. A central metal aisle, on which the spools or coils can rotate, is required for these supports, which are installed on the base structure of the adjustable pallet racking system. 
  • Notices and signs: Pallet racking components also include elements such as notices and signs, which are not strictly structural but can improve warehouse safety and make it easier for users to identify the goods. Although these elements are not strictly structural, they can improve warehouse safety and make it easier for users to identify the goods. 


Pallet rack accessories at Pallet Racking Unlimited

The majority of racking systems necessitate the addition of at least a few accessories, such as simple decks, pallet rack dividers , upright frame guards, pallet rack curtains, row spacers, pull-out shelves, or pallet rack brackets, in order to ensure that your load is stored in an appropriate manner. The professionals at Pallet Racking Unlimited are able to provide assistance with whatever it is that you require. We can provide you with assistance in acquiring the most appropriate racking accessories in accordance with the requirements of your system as a result of our many years of experience as well as our understanding of the field. 


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