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How can you make effective use of wire mesh decking

How can you make effective use of wire mesh decking

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Wire decking is an important part of any configuration of pallet racks. It gives warehouse racks support, safety, and other benefits. Wire decking for racks is easy to put in place and lets you see everything on every level of a pallet racking system. Wire decking is a specific kind of wire mesh panel that has channels welded underneath it and serves the dual purpose of providing support and storage space. It makes a level surface between the beams so that pallets and other products can be stored there. It takes less storage space because wire decks are stackable. Wire decking’s functionality or performance can be affected by things like the pattern of the grid, the number of channels, and the thickness of the wire. If the wire deck is not used correctly, you may end up losing your valuable materials and merchandise or causing serious injuries to your employees. Here are some of the ways to effectively use wire mesh decking :

  • Secure the wiring on both the front and back of the rack. A detached or broken wiring may leave the load vulnerable.
  • When putting items away or retrieving them, ensure that the wire racks are secured against the rack in such a way that there is no room for them to slide or shift.
  • Do not store pallets on the gap of two wire decks as it can compromise the deck’s integrity.


Some common uses of wire mesh decking

Whether you are purchasing new or used pallet rack wire decking, they can help improve both the safety and efficiency of your pallet rack system. In comparison to wood decking, wire decking is superior because of its strength and safety features. There are a variety of wire decking options, including waterfall wire decking, drop-in flush decking, step channel decking, flared channel decking, step decking, and more. The amount of support these wire deckings can provide the pallets depends on their weight capacity and the type of decking. Here are the few common Wire Decking (

  • Warehouses and manufacturing

Wire decking is mostly used in warehouses and manufacturing processes. Since this decking is lighter, it can support corrugated pallets. Because these decks are combustible, they help to lessen the likelihood that a fire will spread from the perimeter into the building itself.

  • Retail facility

Even though retail stores may not be similar to warehouses or factories, wire decking can be used in a lot of businesses like outlet stores and other similar places. Mesh wire platforms can offer additional support to your existing pallet rack systems for lightweight pallets.

  • Food operations

The food industry can use wire decking for racks to keep products and materials more sanitary. The way the wire decking is woven helps air flow and keeps bacteria from growing from spills. Because the surface of the deck does not collect dust, insects will not be able to crawl inside the palletized containers to access the food that is stored inside them.

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