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How do safety bars function for your pallet rack?

How do safety bars function for your pallet rack?


The pallets that you have stacked should be kept from falling through the beam spacing by using safety bars that are designed specifically for pallet racks. When it comes to the planning and operation of a safe warehouse storage system, safety bars are one of the most important components. If there are no safety bars present, there is a possibility that cargo will fall in between the beams and become jammed. You may prevent potentially costly events from occurring with the help of pallet racking solutions that are fitted with the required pallet safety bars

It’s possible for things to fall off of your pallet racking system for a variety of causes, including forklift collisions, damaged or worn-out pallets, improper inventory stacking, and even seismic activity. Accidents of this nature can be avoided with the use of safety bars for pallet rack, which offer increased support while also facilitating ventilation and access to sprinkler systems. In addition, the load on the pallets is helped to be held back by safety bars.

fall-prevention-in-warehouse-pallet-ranksHow to prevent falls on your pallet rack?

Here are some tips for fall prevention on racks :

  • Inspect your pallet racks regularly: It is important to perform routine checks on the pallet racking system to ensure that there are no missing beam clips, bent frames, or hardware that is misplaced. Be sure to record any collision involving a rack, even if there doesn’t appear to be any damage. This will allow you to determine whether an upright has been compromised.
  • Proper pallet loading: If the forklift operators have not been given the appropriate training in pallet loading, it will not be possible to stop the objects from falling from the pallet rack. Along with the design of the pallet loading system, adequate training of forklift operators is an absolute necessity. At all times, the appropriate process must be followed, and your pallet rack must have the appropriate amount of space between its individual shelves.
  • Add rack nets and safety panels to save cost: Investing in safety accessories like rack nets and safety panels can result in a return on investment not only in the product but also in the area of safety. Because of concerns for the well-being of your workforce, you should also install protection on high bays that look out over any work or traffic area. In addition to bays containing high-value inventory, pallet rack safety should also be provided for locations that are often accessed by lift trucks.
  • Do not use old and ratty pallets: A product dump is more likely to occur when the pallets holding the goods are either worn out or on the verge of falling apart. Check that your unit loads are rated appropriately for the condition and rating of your pallets, and that they are in good working order.
  • Light your warehouse: Dark conditions add to errors, which ultimately result in a large amount of valuable inventory being left on the floor. Even though rack aisles are notorious for being difficult to illuminate, the expense of installing modern lighting systems is typically compensated for by the savings in energy consumption and tax credits.

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