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How to assemble teardrop pallet racking?

How to assemble teardrop pallet racking?


As with almost anything you assemble, it is essential that you assemble your pallet rack correctly to make it  work as intended. Improper installation of pallet racks can have the following dangerous consequences: Dropped shelves and damaged products. The actual assembly of the shelves is fairly straightforward, but the entire process from selecting a shelf to actually loading the inventory can be time consuming.

How to safely assemble and install a pallet rack?

The process described is the installation of stand-alone shelves in teardrop pallet racking. First of all, it’s very important to ensure that you have all teardrop pallet rack accessories. In reality, we always want at least two people  assembling teardrop racking shelves. This makes the installation smoother and reduces the risk of injury. Two frames and at least four cross beams are required to install the shelves. There may also be wire shelves and pallet support bars that come to the end of the installation process. 

Before installing, it is advisable to mark where each joyst will fit in the slot. This way you don’t have to worry about the joyist being level. Let’s start!

 Step 1: Assemble the lower rear pallet rack support 

Once all measurements and parts are ready, start the installation. To install a standalone shelf in a selective teardrop pallet rack, you need to have two frames, four brackets, and a wire shelf or pallet support at hand. One person starts by grabbing one of the upright teardrop pallet frames and roughly planting it  in a place that remains after use. The first joist to attach is the lower rear joist. 

 Step 2: Assemble the upper rear pallet rack support 

When the first bar is fully inserted, both people can grab the second bar. This is the top backbar. This carrier will be installed on top of the originally installed carrier. If you preset the height of the beam, you will know where to insert the beam. Now that the pen is self-supporting, the two assemblers can work together to attach the upper rear beam to the two frames.

 Step 3: Assemble the upper front pallet rack support 

After successfully installing the two rear supports, install the two front supports. This process is almost  the same as the previous process, but first the upper front beam is installed. Both people need to grab the next bar and insert it at the top level of the front bar. This should be exactly the same height as the upper rear bar level. Again, make sure on both sides  that the beam is fully inserted into both stand frames.

Step 4: Assemble the lower front pallet rack support 

This completes the installation of the 4th and last carrier. This procedure is similar to the previous one. Have both people grab the last joist and insert it into the lower front  of the shelf.

Step 5. Install the wire deck 

After installing the shelves, all you have to do is add a wire deck. You need four grid shelves that  fit exactly the size of the shelves you choose. Two wire shelves fit each support level. There are small lips or overhangs on both sides of the wire deck.

Step 6. Start using the pallet rack. 

Placing the remaining three grid shelves in the same way completes and is ready for a selective teardrop pallet rack system.


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