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How to choose the best warehouse shelving system?

How to choose the best warehouse shelving system?


Warehouse industrial shelving units are made of solid metal shelves with metal bracing and fixings. Choosing the best shelving system for a warehouse is crucial as it helps to boost the productivity levels, efficiency and make the most out of your investment. With the right of shelving, it will be easier to store and locate items. Due to different shelving options available in the market, here are some steps to help you choosing right shelving for warehouse :

1. Examine your storage space: When choosing the commercial warehouse shelving you will need to examine your space as shelving are designed for smaller items which means for storing bulkier items you will require pallet racking. Shelving units usually come in smaller dimensions and can hold lighter materials therefore you will need to consider the size of your storage space as well.

2. Understand about the different shelving systems: You will need to learn about the different industrial warehouse shelving before selecting the one for your warehouse.

  • Wire shelving: Wire shelving is made of wire mesh supported by metal frames which means they are incredibly lightweight in comparison to other warehouse shelving types. They are also rust and mold resistant due to their small surface area.
  • Rivet shelving: Rivet shelving uses a series of interlocking rivets and gravity to hold up the materials. These units are easy to install and assemble, you will just have to affix the rivets to the shelf then slide it into the slots and tap it with a mallet, and you’re done.
  • Bin shelving: A bin system contains plastic bins on its shelves or has dividers built into the system so if you have to store many small materials then this can be your best option. This system’s bins are removable and can also be used to enhance wire shelving helping to optimize your storage.
  • Mobile aisle shelving: Mobile aisle shelving typically have rotary handles on the sides and when rotated, it winds the single, connected filing unit. These types of shelves are ideal when the facility has a limited space.


Different factors to consider while choosing the right shelving.

When choosing the warehouse shelving system there are many factors you will need to consider ensuring that you’re the right one for your facility. Below are some of the factors that you may want to consider:

  1. Products
    You will be able to choose the right shelving unit depending on the products you will be storing and displaying on the shelves. It all depends on the amount of stock as well as the size and weight of the materials.
  2. Shelving material
    Shelvings can be made of various types of materials each with their own features. Metal shelving consists of strong structure, durability and heavy-duty warehouse shelving whereas wood shelving offers elegance and beautiful appearance making it ideal for displaying products.
  3. Cost considerations
    The shelving cost varies depending on the size and materials. If you are tight on budget, you also consider getting used warehouse shelving after assessing the dimensions of the storage facility. If you are looking for more durable and a long-lasting shelving is best for you whereas if you are going for a classier and more elegant look then wooden shelves will be right for you.

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