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How to optimize your warehouse with wire mesh shelving equipment?

How to optimize your warehouse with wire mesh shelving equipment?

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Pallet rack wire decking, also known as wire mesh shelving, is an alternative for solid steel panel or timber decking that sits on the pallet racking beams. Wire decking is a cost-effective and durable option for the pallet rack storage system. Wire mesh is designed with an open-weave pattern which means that it can fit over or in between your current pallet racking support beams. Wire mesh shelving is ideal for an ambient warehousing as it allows the even distribution of air and temperature. It offers storage of non-standard pallet sizes and protection for forklift truck drivers and employees. Here’s how you can optimize your warehouse with mesh shelving:

  1. Make use of vertical space: Consider making better use of vertical space by wire mesh fencing instead of expanding your warehouse’s area. If every space of your warehouse gets used for storage purposes, then you can increase warehouse storage’s capacity. Rather than incurring additional costs, get larger storage units and the appropriate technology for picking and storing to maintain more items in the same square area.
  2. Use appropriate containers for inventory storage: Since certain products require specific storage, consider the type and variety of shelving such as steel wire mesh that you’ll use to preserve their shelf life and prevent them from damage. You may need different sorts of storage for different commodities rather than using the same racks throughout your warehouse storage.
  3. Reduce overstocking inventory: Oftentimes people overstock inventory in order to meet high customer demands or to prepare for an upcoming promotion. The leftover stock can take a lot of space in your warehouse which can also result in financial losses.
  4. Install shelves at optimal height: When it comes to optimizing your warehouse storage, it is essential to install the shelves at an optimal height. Carefully measure the height and width of your warehouse storage while taking into consideration the dimensions of the product you will be storing on the shelves. This will help you determine how much space you can leave between each shelf.


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