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What is metal shelving?

What is metal shelving?

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The industrial shelvings system is the most commonly used system in various warehouses and industries. These systems allow you to store the required materials, products, and parts according to your need efficiently by maximizing the available space they highly affect your daily operation. Industrial metal racks are the best space and cost efficient racking systems for your warehouses, stores and many more other places.

Different types of industrial shelving and its uses.
There are various types of industrial shelving. Such as:-

  • Steel shelving
  • Rivet shelving
  • Wire shelving
  • Pallet racks
  • Mobile shelving
  • Bin shelving and more.

Talking about some of them in details:-

  • Rivet shelving:-
    It is shelving which is most stable and durable among all the other shelvings. These shelvings are also known as boltless shelvings.These shelvings are versatile and easy to assemble. Rivet shelving is usually made from various materials which include steel, plywood, wire decking and many more. They have a frame made from solid steel. These shelvings come in various ranges of sizes. They are available in an affordable range and are cost-efficient. For setting up these shelves all you need is a little specialized hardware like a hammer or screwdriver. But it is not that attractive on the looks and it is not customizable.
  • Steel shelving :-
    It is a shelving system made of steel. These shelvings are openly accessible and adjustable. They are mostly used for heavy storage and heavy load appliances. They are easier to accessorize. They are highly customizable and are available in any sizes you want, and are flexible and less arduous as well. These systems are a better option for high density applications due to the closer installments of selves. But it can be a bit expensive. Steel shelvings are cost-effective, reliable, and durable options for storage in warehouses and stores.
  • Wire shelving :-
    It is the most attractive type of industrial shelving among the other shelvings as considered by the customers. It is a popular type of shelving for commercial applications. Like rivet shelving, it is easily accessible on all four sides because it provides easy access to the stored objects as it is free of side and back panels. It is a good option as it is easy and quick to install and clean. These shelvings are the best option for space utilization as it fits in small spaces and can fit in corners as well. Wire shelvings are the best option for food storing as they are open.

These shelvings are used for various purpose which includes:-

  • Used in storing heavy materials.
  • Used in storing business documents as well.
  • Used for food storages as hotels and restaurants.
  • Used for organization purpose.
  • Can be used for personal storage purpose.
  • Used in laundry rooms.


Metal shelving is one of the industrial shelving which is a kind of shelving similar to wire shelving which is commonly used in commercial areas and in residential areas recently. This shelving is mostly used for industrial purposes. As they are one of the strongest, durable, sturdy, and space-efficient which is the best option for your warehouses. Metal shelving is available in various types such as free-standing, rack system, or even display system. But if you need the storage system which can easily store the heavy products easily then heavy duty metal shelving is also there for your industries.

Industrial metal shelving comes with a lot of advantages and some disadvantages as well. These kinds of shelvings are more efficient for your warehouses. They can be used to store items in any quantity that do not require the dimensional size of the pallet racks. Industrial shelving also offers versatility by having the ability to handle a variety of product weights. Some shelving only supports a few hundred pounds while industrial metal shelving can support up to one ton per shelf according to your need. Some more advantages of metal shelving are:-

  • They are versatile.
  • They are more space-efficient.
  • They are easy to assemble with the help of a guide.
  • They are durable as they can withstand high temperatures and does not corrode if finished properly.
  • They are open shelving which provides easy visualization and is easily accessed to stored materials.
  • They are space and cost-efficient.

Industrial metal shelving does have some disadvantages as well. If the shelvings are not properly finished they may oxidize and cause rusting.

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