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Pallet Rack Accessories & Safety Equipment

Pallet Rack Accessories & Safety Equipment

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Pallet racking systems can be enhanced or optimized with pallet  rack accessories  and safety equipments. These accessories help improve both safety and organization in your business operations by adding space in the overhead area of the warehouse and prevent the materials from falling down on employees. 

Investing in additional   rack safety  accessories along with the pallet racks help support the pallet and load, prevent damage from daily use, deflect forklift hits and prevent ergonomic problems within the facility. Some of these accessories have built-in safety features that can help make your warehouse more efficient; however, there are various types of accessories available in the market if you have to augment the built-ins and help safeguard your employees from the accidents as well as extend the lifespan of your pallet rack systems. These compatible accessories are specifically designed, and you can add one or more design modifications for your storage facility to protect the inventories. 


Top trendy rack accessories 2022.

The pallet accessories make it easy to store, locate, organize and retrieve your goods and reduce the risk of accidents and other hazardous events from occurring. Different types of accessories such as pallet rack hooks, aisle marking tape, pallet rack tool holder, mobile shelving units, pallet rack brackets and more are available in the market however, here are some of the trendy accessories you might need in 2022: 

  • Wire mesh decking: Wire mesh decking is an ideal add-on to pallet racking system to have safe storage at a minimum cost. Pallet rack wire decking offers a shelving decking wire surface and adds an extra layer of safety and protection from spillage of flammable materials while the open wire mesh allows sprinklers to have open access required in the event of a fire.
  • Open area rack decking: Open area rack decking might be the best pallet racking accessories you should consider as it is ideal for storing materials and products that need a uniform support. The equipment is fire protection friendly which minimizes the chances of liable damages to the bare minimum, and you can also stack items back and forth without any trouble. This equipment is available in different custom sizes and is durable for most loading needs.
  • Gravity Flow Inserts: This equipment allows you to attach the flow inserts between pallet racks which makes it easy to access the product. Gravity flow inserts are made with galvanized steel frames and aluminum end hangers and are used in facilities that require constant restocking. The equipment is effective for warehouses and distribution centers as it saves time and increases the level of productivity.
  • Back guard: Back guard comes with modular sized panels which allows panels to extend straight to the pallet rack system. It creates a sturdy barrier between inventories to minimize the potential hazard of falling items by a lift truck and protects your employees from broken pallets. 
  • Pallet support bars: Pallet support bars provide support for heavy loads and pallets and helps distribute the weight equally by taking load off the beams that are not of standard size. Pallet support bars improve the safety of pallet rack systems.
  • Nylon pallet rack netting: The nylon pallet rack netting system is easy to install and requires zero maintenance. Nylon pallet rack netting is an alternative to the anti-collapse mesh edged with polypropylene rope at the back of the racks and minimizes the risk of products falling in the warehouse for maximum efficiency.

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