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A Guide to different types of Pallet Rack Accessories

A Guide to different types of Pallet Rack Accessories


Pallet racks are material holding, organizing, and storing racks designed to store materials for commercial and industrial purposes. Pallet racks are available in various types and all types of pallet racks are the same as they are allowed to store but in different horizontal rows with multiple levels, they increase the storage density of the stored goods. Pallet racking systems optimize storage space, create order, and make effective use of the available space in required facilities. Pallet rack costs are related to the increase in racking and the increasing storage density.

While installing a pallet racking system there are various things that must be considered. They are:-

  • Available floor space
  • Height required
  • Inventory accessibility
  • Inventory rotation
  • Necessary weight capacity
  • Required storage density
  • Overall cost
  • Additional benefits and charges.

There are various types of racking systems such as adjustable pallet racking, compact racking, mobile pallet racking, and many more. There are various Pallet rack accessories easily available in the market. Rack accessories help to maximize safety and make the organization of the warehouse or shipping facility easier. By adding these rack accessories you truly will experience the most out of your racking systems. Accessories for pallet racks not only provide security to your inventory and materials, but employees get more secure as well. There are types of pallet rack accessories which includes:-

  • Wire decking – It is assembled of a metal wire that is constructed to fit firmly into place between the front and rear rack beams. It creates the foundation for putting materials such as non-palletized inventory, containers, and cartons preventing these non-palletized materials from deteriorating.
  • Wall tiles – It is used to link the rack structure to the wall at the rear of the racking. They connect to the upright frame with nuts and bolts and decrease the concerns of rack swaying or tipping by fortifying the pallet racks.
  • Row spacer – It is used in the space between the uprights to stabilize the rack system and provide clearance for building columns or other obstacles. They are used in attaching back-to-back rack rows of selective pallet racking and they bolt onto each upright and connect the uprights together.
  • Column protectors – They are used to shield the structure and the columns, vertical structure as well. It also protects the equipment transporting products around the warehouse.
  • Reel holder – It allows you to utilize your existing pallet rack to effortlessly add convenient storage space for spools of rope, electrical cables, wire, chains, and more.
  • Pallet support – they are used in the racking systems for additional fall protection as they attach from the front to the back of the cross beams.
  • Pallet rack floor guides – It is usually used to steer machines down aisles on the guide rail and are anchored in front of the pallet rack. They are mostly used in Drive-In pallet rack systems to prevent forks from impacting the upright frames.
  • Pallet rack netting – Pallet rack netting is made of nylon or plastic mesh placed on the back of rack systems for increased safety and fall protection. It blocks and decreases the chances of products falling through the pallet rack, and keeps the product in place on warehouse or facility shelves.
  • Pallet rack dividers – Pallet rack dividers are mainly of three types M-divider, D-bar divider, and single-arm divider and they are simple solutions to organize your pallets and supplies. They make is it more reliable to organize pallets in your warehouse or work setting which is important for tracking supplies and accounting for inventory on a daily basis.
  • Pallet rack stop bars – Pallet rack stop bars are simply designed to avoid pallet material loads from tumbling off from the back of the rack.
  • Pallet rack tool holder – Pallet rack tool holder supports the product with long handles and vertical items no matter what the size, and fastens to a rear beam. It also bolts securely below the beam keeping hard-to-store items very organized.
  • Pallet rack curtains – Pallet rack curtains are simply used to hide the materials and products stored in the racks to give the pallet racks a cleaner look. Its purpose is to provide privacy to things materials or products that are being stored.
  • Pallet rack brackets – Pallet rack brackets are used in the racking system to increase stability and safety as they attach the pallet racks to the wall. They are available in various types and sizes according to your requirements.

And the list of Pallet rack accessories keeps ongoing. There are various other They are an essential part of every pallet rack system owing industries, warehouses, and stores.


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