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Pallet Racks for Seismic Zones

Pallet Racks for Seismic Zones

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Seismic Activity also commonly known as earthquakes are one of the many natural disasters that humankind has not been able to be able to control even after all the accomplishments we have had so far. We do have some technology that can give a rough prediction of when a seismic activity is going to take place. Although, we have discovered many precautions we can take to be safe from the natural disasters.

The similar type of precautions should be taken with Pallet Racks as well. Special types of pallet racks are available for seismic zones and if you are in an active seismic activity area, then Pallet Rack Unlimited can help you get the pallet rack for your facility. We are a fully licensed and insured pallet rack supplier in Dalton, GA and the surrounding area. Our Pallet racks experts can help you .

Here you can see some important things you should know about pallet racks for seismic zones.


  • A strong base or foundation is a must, in order for your pallet racks to be able to withstand any external forces that would cause it to collapse. Along with the base you should make sure that the floor slabs are calculated and designed perfectly so that they can hold the bolts and screws properly.


  • The configuration of the pallet racks should be specially designed with “X” or “Z” bracing that helps in controlling the additional tension the earthquake’s force can give the pallet rack.
  • All the staff working in the warehouse should be instructed to report immediately if they see any damage or faults in the pallet racks because ignoring small things can cause the pallet racks to collapse.


  • Now to make sure that the items on the racks don’t fall over, additional components like screens or decking should be added to the pallet rack.


  • Designing of pallet racks is an important aspect. It is highly recommended that a pallet rack expert should be consulted to make sure that the designing is made strong right from the start.

Pallet Rack Unlimited has been a trusted pallet rack supplier for the people in the Dalton, GA and the surrounding area. So, if you have any queries or are looking to enforce your pallet racks with strong pallet racks components then our pallet rack expert would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible. Call Us Today and get a Free Estimate for your next Pallet Racks for Seismic Zones.

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