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Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving can be many different types of storage shelving. Most people looking to purchase a storage solution for their product refer to all types of shelving as industrial shelving. These are the different types of Industrial Shelving. Pallet Racking, Metal Shelving, Wide Span Shelving, Rivet Shelving, Cantilever Racking, Carpet Racking, Pipe Racking, & any other type of Industrial Shelving used to store a product.

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Pallet Racks

Teardrop pallet racks are the most used type of pallet rack on the market today. The teardrop pallet rack has an ingenious design that allows you to slide the beams into place with out using bolts, each beam will have a safety clip at each end to kee [..]

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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever rack is a resourceful storage solution for long, bulky or irregular shaped items. At Pallet Rack Unlimited we sell structural cantilever racks of all sizes and weight capacities. Our Cantilever racks are bolt together for easy to installat [..]

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Metal Shelving

Metal Shelving is perfect for the storage of a large quantity and variety of small items, open-type clipper shelving is a functional and economic design for storage of general items in the garage, the office, the warehouse, and many more. Metal Shel [..]

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Rack Accessories

Accessorize your pallet rack units with our selection of pallet rack row spacers, pallet supports in multiple sizes, wedge anchors, two sizes of base plates, rack column protectors, end of row protectors, and guard rails. The post protectors, end of [..]

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