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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Charleston, SC

Used and New Cantilever Racks in Charleston, SC

Cantilever Racks offers maximum support, strength and capacity for storing lumber items. These types of racks can usually be used for holding heavy and long shaped items like lumber, steel pipe, plywood, metal pipes and all the other items that are difficult to store in other smaller types of racks. So we can say that cantilever racks are heavy duty capacity storage shelves that are used to store long and bulky objects . types of racks are designed to hold several types and sizes of products having freedom from upright interference making it easier to remove or replace objects. Pallet Rack Unlimited has been a trusted supplier of structural cantilever racks as well all other types of racks in Charleston,SC and the surrounding area .

Cantilever Storage is a type of warehouse storage system consisting of the vertical column, base, arms, horizontal and/or cross bracing. These components are fabricated from both roll formed and structural steel. The horizontal and/or cross bracing is used to connect two or more columns together. Pallet Rack Unlimitedoffers carefully designed Single Face (SF) and Double Face (DF) cantilever storage racks, which conveniently stores long components Tubes, Auto body long members, cables etc. They can be used both inside and outside a warehouse .
Cantilevered racking systems allow users to maximize available floor space and are available in many different sizes and load capacities. These can easily be configured to suit a wide variety of your storage needs. Because of the simplicity of their construction, they are also among the most cost-effective of all rack types.
Specific characteristics:
Saves horizontal space due to absence of a front column .
Long & irregular shape rods, tubular arms and materials of varying lengths loads can be placed anywhere on an arm of the cantilever rack .
Provides lower handling time and cost with faster loading/unloading of materials .

As of now we can find two types of cantilever racks that are:

Roll-Formed Cantilever Racks
Structural Cantilever Racks

Pallet Racking Unlimited not only provides structural cantilever but also provides services including
used and new warehouse racks, pallet rack design layout, pallet racking setup, moving warehouse,

The above mentioned information are basically some of the things you need to know about Cantilever Racks. In case you are looking to get more information on Cantilever racks and are looking to purchase some new ones or may be used ones then Pallet Rack Unlimited is here to assist you in every way possible and get you the right cantilever rack that meets up to your as well as your facilities requirements. Socontact us if you need any advice about choosing the right pallet rack for your business. We sell all kinds for pallet racks from new ones to used ones. Call us today and get a free estimate for your pallet racking needs.


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