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Warehouse Racking Layout Design in Chattanooga, TN

Warehouse Racking Layout Design in Chattanooga, TN

Warehouse racking layout designing is one of the essential processes that require expert guidance to design efficiently. Pallet Rack Unlimited can provide you professional guidance in designing the best warehouse layout that you require around Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are a warehouse service providing company that has been around Hamilton County for about 11 years. So, if you require a professional warehouse service providing company to help you design your warehouse racking layout design, you can trust the experience of Pallet Rack Unlimited for it.

Several things need to be thought about before designing an effective warehouse racking layout design. An effective warehouse racking layout design is important for the smooth functioning of your warehouse.

Essential things to think of before designing an efficient warehouse layout

  • It is necessary to take full advantage of the available space in your warehouse.
  • The products in your warehouse should be accessible to all the operators.
  • The product handling time and distance of the products should be less for better functionality in your warehouse.
  • The flow of the warehouse should be smooth, preventing any type of traffic in the warehouse.
  • Space should carefully be divided for the major operational zone in your warehouses such as the loading and unloading area, storage shelving and slotting, production zones, and workflow areas, picking zones, and many other important areas.

Selecting the racking system for your warehouse is another important factor that needs to be considered. Therefore, there are varieties of racking systems available according to the storage requirements of your warehouse .

Types of racks available for storage in your warehouse

  • Drive-in or Drive-thru racking system: Drive-in and Drive-thru racking system are one of the cost-effective choices for your warehouse. A drive-in racking system allows the forklift to dive in for taking the goods, and therefore it has less chance of damaging the goods. Drive-in racks are suitable for goods that are not time-sensitive.
  • Flow-thru racking system: Flow-thru racks are the type of racks that operate with skate wheels and natural gravity. In this type of racking system , unloaded items will replace the item behind it, and this process goes on.
  • Push-back racking system: Push-back racks are the type of racks that are quite opposite of the flow-thru racking system. They are designed for the number of pallets, which you will be storing on.
  • Cantilever racking system: Cantilever racks are the type of racks that are used to store bulky and awkwardly shaped items such as lumber, pipes, carpets, and many other identical items. They are sturdy and perfect for storing items that usually do not go on the shelves.

Thus, you can discuss such important factors with Pallet Rack Unlimited for planning the efficient warehouse racking layout design . Along with the warehouse racking layout design , Pallet Rack Unlimited also provides you with services like pallet storage, pallet rack installation, and warehouse racking relocation.

Pallet Rack Unlimited can help you in designing the best warehouse layout for your warehouse around the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. So, CALL US TODAY and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for the estimation of warehouse racking layout or other warehouse services you require around Hamilton County.


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