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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Columbia, SC

Used and New Cantilever Racks in Columbia, SC

Are you looking for the quality new or used cantilever racks for your warehouse around Columbia? If you are, then Pallet Rack Unlimited offers you with the affordable cantilever racks. Pallet Rack Unlimited is a reliable warehouse service company that provides you with a suitable cantilever racking system around Columbia, South Carolina. We are a licensed and insured warehouse service company on whom you can rely on for an efficient service.

Cantilever racks are the type of racking system that is ideal for storing bulky items such as steel stock, aluminium sheets, lumber, furniture, timber, plywood, sheet steel, and many other bulky items that are unable to fit on the traditional pallet racking system. A cantilever rack is made up of four components – uprights, base, arms, and braces. Uprights are the type of vertical beams that support the arms, and the base provides stability and support to the uprights to hold the loads. Similarly, arms are the horizontal beams that have the purpose of supporting the stored load. Lastly, the braces support the uprights by creating strength and rigidity.

New cantilever racks or the used one, both of them are composed of the same components. A used cantilever rack is the second-hand rack, while a new cantilever rack is newly made that hasn’t been used yet. Both of the cantilever racks have pros and cons and therefore you can choose the one that is suitable for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of a new cantilever racks

  1. New cantilever racks are the ones for you if you want a new and shiny rack for your new warehouse facility. Thus, they are aesthetically pleasing.
  2. New cantilever racks can be customized according to the requirements for your warehouse.
  3. New cantilever racks usually come with a warranty.
  4. They are expensive in comparison to used cantilever racks.
  5. They might take time to assemble and customize, while a used cantilever rack comes assembled.

Advantages and disadvantages of a used cantilever rack

  1. Used cantilever racks are inexpensive. Therefore, if you are tight on a budget then you can always get a used cantilever rack instead of a new one.
  2. Used cantilever racks are the environmentally friendly rack.
  3. There is a wide variety of used cantilever racks available from which you can choose the one suitable for you.
  4. They are easy to assemble.
  5. There might be a misconception about the second-hand racks considering their durability. However, they are durable if they are bought from a reliable company.
  6. Used cantilever racks might not be physically attractive in comparison to a new cantilever rack.
  7. They don’t usually come with a warranty.

Pallet Rack Unlimited can get you a good deal of the used or new cantilever rack. Thus, you can choose the cantilever rack that you want for your warehouse. Along with the supply of the cantilever racks, Pallet Rack Unlimited also supplies you the used and new industrial storage shelves, and other warehouse services like design of the racking layout, warehouse racking installation, and moving warehouse services.

Pallet Rack Unlimited can ensure a reliable supply of the cantilever racking system for your warehouse that you can get around Columbia, South Carolina. So, CALL US and INQUIRE about the warehouse services that you require.


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