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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Myrtle Beach, SC

Used and New Cantilever Racks in Myrtle Beach, SC

Are you looking for cantilever racks to use in your warehouse around the Myrtle Beach, SC area? If you are, then Pallet Rack Unlimited is here to provide you with the highest quality of used or new cantilever racks. Pallet rack Unlimited is a professional warehouse service company offering you affordable and high quality cantilever warehouse racks around Myrtle Beach, SC. So, when it is about finding the ideal cantilever racks for your warehouse then you can always trust us to provide them for you.

Cantilever racks are suitable in the type of industries that need long and heavy items to be stored. Many industries like lumber, construction, aircraft, or warehouse storage industries prefer cantilever racks as they are easy and quick to install, saving you time. Also, you don’t have to spend your money on buying new shelves for storage purposes. The main purpose of cantilever racks is to store awkwardly shaped and bulky items that don’t adjust well in pallet racks. Thus, cantilever racks are ideal for storing tubing and pipes, lumber, metal and plastic sheets, metal beams, carpeting, furniture, doors, trusses, and other awkwardly shaped items. There are mainly two types of cantilever racks, one is a roll-formed cantilever rack and the other is a structural cantilever rack. Roll-formed cantilever racks are high-capacity rack and multi-level structure that is made from heavy gauge roll-formed steel, while a structural cantilever rack is made from structural steel I-beams, used to load the heavy-duty items. If you deal with long and bulky items then a cantilever rack, either used or new, is the perfect choice for you. Although, you might be confused about getting either a used or new cantilever rack. A used cantilever rack in simple terms is a second-hand rack, while a new cantilever rack is a brand new one fresh out from the manufacturers.

Pros of a new cantilever rack

  1. A new cantilever rack has the benefit of customization. Thus, you can customize the type of storage system that you require.
  2. New cantilever racks come with a warranty.
  3. If you have a new warehouse facility then a new cantilever rack might be suitable for you as they are physically more attractive than a used cantilever rack.

Cons of a new cantilever rack

  1. A new cantilever rack is expensive in comparison to a used cantilever rack.
  2. New cantilever racks might take a while to assemble and customize.

Pros of a used cantilever rack

  1. A used cantilever rack is perfect for you if you are on a budget as they are inexpensive.
  2. Used cantilever racks are environmentally friendly.
  3. They are easy to assemble as well.
  4. You can have a wide selection for the second-hand racks as they are always available on stock.

Cons of a used cantilever rack

  1. A used cantilever rack may come with some old paint chips. Thus, they are not as attractive as a new cantilever rack.
  2. Used cantilever racks usually don’t come with a warranty.

You can get any of these cantilever racks according to your budget and storage requirements, and Pallet Rack Unlimited will be able to help you get a good deal for used or new cantilever racks. Pallet Rack Unlimited also offers you warehouse services like used and new industrial racks, warehouse racking layout design, warehouse shelving installation, and warehouse relocation around the Horry County area.

So, if you are in Myrtle Beach, SC or anywhere around the Horry County area then you can expect a good deal for cantilever warehouse racks from Pallet Rack Unlimited. CALL US and GET AN ESTIMATE for the type of cantilever racks or other warehouse services that you require.


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