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Pallet Racks have been the soul of all the warehouses facilities around the world for storing items for a long time now. It is said that the first pallet rack started being popularly used around from the late 1920s and has not stopped ever since. As industries continue to grow so does the need for more and more pallet racks.

If you are in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area and are not being able to decide if you should go for a new pallet rack or a used pallet rack then, Pallet Rack Unlimited can be there to assist you with all our warehouse expertise and experience we have had so far. Deciding if you should purchase a new warehouse rack or a used one can be confusing, so let’s talk about these two topics before you go ahead and buy a used or a new pallet rack for your warehouse.

  1. New Pallet Rack

    A new pallet rack can always be the better option as long as you have the budget and the right conditions for it. If you are looking to make sure that you get everything worth the money you pay for then choosing a new pallet rack can be the right decision for you. In addition, a new pallet rack can also add to the aesthetic of your facility and can be ordered highly customized according to the design of your facility. You will not have to worry about any damages or dents from the previous use, falling of paints or rusting to name some of the problems you will not have to face. Another advantage would be that new pallet racks have manufacturers warranty so if there are any problems with the racks that are not physical then you can always get it replaced without any additional cost. All in all New Pallet racks are something you do not have to think about too much before purchasing one.

  2. Used Pallet Rack

    Talking about used pallet racks, the sole purpose of you taking the decision to purchase any used item is so that you can save money. There are however some more reasons for you to be choosing a used pallet rack. Lets, say you are in the process of moving your warehouse to a new location or planning for a redesign and you are just looking for something to get by during the process then buying a used pallet rack would be a very good option for you. Although, there are a few things you should look into when you are planning to buy a used pallet rack. The first thing would obviously be checking if the condition of the pallet racks are good enough to be used or not. If you can find a used pallet rack that still has the manufacturer’s warranty then that can be a very good find, so always see if the pallet rack still has the warranty or not. Other things to check are the damages sustained from the previous use or if there are any irreplaceable damages in the pallet racks.

Pallet Rack Unlimited can help you sort out your issues when it comes to choosing a new pallet rack or a used one. We have been a trusted pallet rack supplier in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. If you are anywhere around the Charlotte, NC area then feel free to Give Us A Call to get a Free Estimate for your next pallet rack.


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