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Top 5 Racking Accessories You Can’t Do Without.

Top 5 Racking Accessories You Can’t Do Without.

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When organizing and optimizing your storage solutions, certain racking accessories can significantly enhance the functionality, safety, and efficiency of your racking systems. These rack accessories not only improve the overall safety and functionality of racking systems but also contribute to a more organized and efficient warehouse. Here are the top 5 racking accessories you can’t do without:

  • Shelving dividers: These are crucial for organizing items on your shelves effectively. Dividers help create sections within a shelf, preventing items from mixing and making it easier to find and access specific products or materials.
  • Pallet Rack Tool Holder: Pallet rack tool holder accessory provides a designated spot for storing tools and equipment directly on the racking system. A pallet rack holder  helps keep tools organized, easily accessible, and off the floor, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Pallet supports: For pallet racking systems, pallet supports are essential. They provide additional support between pallet beams, preventing pallets from sagging and ensuring even weight distribution across the racking system.
  • Safety guards and end caps: Safety guards and end caps are critical for protecting your racking system from damage caused by forklifts or other machinery. They help prevent accidental impacts and prolong the lifespan of your racks.
  • Wire mesh decking: Wire mesh decking is a versatile accessory that can be used with pallet racking or shelving systems. It provides a solid surface for non-palletized items, prevents items from falling through the racks, and allows for better sprinkler system effectiveness in case of fire.


Must-Have Racking Accessories from Pallet Rack Unlimited.

When looking at must-have racking accessories from a reputable supplier like Pallet Rack Unlimited, accessories not only optimize storage space and enhance organizational efficiency but also prioritize safety and durability, making them essential components of a well-maintained racking system. Here are some essential items that can greatly enhance your warehouse or storage facility:

  • Rack repair kits: These kits are useful for quickly fixing minor damage to racks and restoring their structural integrity without the need for full replacements.
  • Safety barriers: Essential for protecting racks and employees, these barriers include end-of-aisle protectors, rack guards, and bollards. They help prevent damage from forklifts and improve overall warehouse safety.
  • Pallet rack hooks: Pallet rack hooks are versatile hooks used to hang tools, equipment, or other items directly onto the racking system, maximizing vertical space and keeping the warehouse organized and efficient.
  • Column protectors: Designed to absorb impact and protect upright columns from forklift damage, these protectors are vital for preserving the lifespan of your racking system.
  • Row spacers and wall ties: Row spacers keep racks evenly spaced, enhancing stability and optimizing space. Wall ties secure racks to walls, providing additional stability and safety.
  • Load signs and labels: These accessories ensure compliance with safety regulations by clearly indicating maximum load capacities, preventing overloading of racks.
  • Pallet rack brackets: Pallet rack brackets can be used to attach additional components or customize the racking system to fit specific needs. They enhance the functionality and flexibility of the storage system.

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