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Top 5 useful racking accessories.

Top 5 useful racking accessories.


Pallet racking accessories added increase to impact resistance and improve performance. Pallet racking accessories will help the system to hold product, improves efficiencies, prevents products from falling and resists damage in the warehouse. There are many accessories that help to maximize safety and make organization of the warehouse facility easier. Many rack accessories are extremely necessary to increase the protection, safety and stability of the storage. The top 5 useful racking accessories are:

  1. Pallet Rack Decking:
    Pallet rack decking is the material placed on the shelves and rack load beams to support loads of different weight and size. It usually comes in forms; wire mesh or timber slatted decking. Timber slatted decking is best for supporting damaged pallets and boxed goods and for creating picking levels with standard racking. Wire decking is better for heavier objects and for use in damp, cold environments.
  2. Pallet Rack Hooks:
    Pallet rack hooks help to prevent products and cartoons from falling into pick lanes or traffic areas and cause damage or injuries. It is designed to be compatible with the dimensions. Hooks hold tools, cable. It is made of durable webbing material and the unique clip design allows for easy recognition to identify a rack system.
  3. Pallet Racking Support Beams:
    Pallet racking support beams are also called cross beams which connect to pallet rack frames to form the shelf level. There are heavy duty steel rails which have a standard 1 ⅝” step that makes them compatible with wire decking, pallet support or wood supports. It is easy click-in installation and provides support to the pallet rack.
  4. Pallet Rack Tool Holder:
    Pallet rack holders support the product with long handles and vertical items no matter what the size. A bracket which fastens to a rear beam and bolts securely below the beam keeps hard to store items very organized. Pallet rack holders are two arms protruding from the rear bracket, and the tools handle is slid between them. Tools ranging in size from long takes to short hammer are kept organized and accessible for easy selection.
  5. Pallet Rack Brackets:
    Pallet rack brackets are secured by pallet uprights to the building wall and it can be very important to ensure the pallet system remains stable when under load. It can be used to work around areas where there are intervening columns which could interfere with installation. It connects the rack unit to the wall for maximum stability. These are quick and easily attached to existing pallet rack uprights and the pallet rack beam attaches.


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