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Top most important accessories for server racks.

Top most important accessories for server racks.


Pallet rack brackets and cabinets offer great support and security for a wide range of equipment and materials that you store. Choosing the right accessories for server racks is most essential because it includes features like optional components which can enhance their functionality. Here are top most important rack accessories for your server racks: 

  • Rackmount power strip with surge protection: The rackmount power strip with surge protection is a basic necessity as it allows you to avoid an increased risk of damaging your equipment as well as being a victim of fire. Power strips allow you to get power sockets closer to the devices. This accessory can be easily anchored by pallet rack hooks for a sleek look and convenient access. 
  • Server rack KVM: KVM is a solution for the monitor, mouse and keyboard that an administrator needs to control the equipment. In most cases, KVMs are installed directly inside your rack making it easier and quicker to access and manage hardware.
  • Blanking panels: Using the blanking panels is a cost-effective way to manage airflow. If your open frame racks and rack enclosures have some empty slots then it may cause equipment to heat up unnecessarily which is why these accessories are necessary to maximize cooling efficiency.
  • Server rack ventilation fan: Servers run constantly which means they will have a high temperature during performance. Adding a server rack ventilation fan can break up any hot spot that may be forming in empty space. Even though open frame racks allow the airflow, enclosed models will need the use of forced ventilation equipment.
  • 4 post to 2 post rack adapter: Server racks are manufactured in two designs which consist of 2 or 4 uprights. There are also special adapters that could help to transform a 4 post model to a 2 post model. However, if you have a big network system then use 4 uprights, but in its scale weight will be decreased, you can adapt furniture to a 2 post to make it more compact.
  • Server rack drawers: With a server rack drawer you can store everything that is commonly used for server rack maintenance and avoid losing them. Whether you have keyboards, laptops, hard drives and thumb drives you can store them in that area just as a pallet rack tool holder


Pros and cons of server racks.

When choosing the server racks you will have to consider the requirements of your enterprise, program or operation. You’ll need to figure out beforehand on how many servers your operation will require along with the height and width of your server rack. Why server racks  ? Here are some of the pros and cons of server racks: 

Pros of server racks 

  • Server racks have high scalability, expandability and upgradability. 
  • Easy to repair and replace its parts. 
  • Saves space because it can install several servers on a cabinet. 

Cons of server racks 

  • Server racks require cables for power, networking, management and storage. 
  • Difficult to manage the cables and servers. 
  • Server rack consumes a lot of power.

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