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What are pallet rack row spacers?

What are pallet rack row spacers?

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A pallet rack row spacer is one of the key components of a pallet racking system that helps to maintain a consistent horizontal distance between the two rows. The steel brackets are connected from one pallet racking row to an adjacent row. The row spacers are typically positioned so that they are no more than 10 feet apart and no more than 6 inches away from the top and bottom of the uprights. These are essential for tying together multiple rows of pallet rack over long stretches. There are many different shapes and sizes of row spacers, and they are usually bolted into two uprights. Row spacers serve both a structural and a safety purpose for the inventory as well as the employees who work with it. They contribute to the establishment of a uniform appearance throughout the entire warehouse storage area and also contribute to the stability of the rows of pallet racks that are in place.

Benefits of pallet rack row spacers

Here are some of the few benefits of pallet rack row spacers :

  1. Contributes to the overall increase in the structure’s degree of stability.
  2. A necessary flue space is created and maintained through row spacing, which is required to conform to fire regulations.
  3. They offer consistent spacing between rows that are arranged back to back.
  4. Contributes to the transfer of impact forces and helps to mitigate their effects.


Why Would You Need Row Spacers?

Here are some of the reasons why row spacers are necessary for the pallet racking in your warehouse facility:

  1. Keep longitudinal flue spaces clear: If you run a warehouse, you probably want to ensure that it complies with all of the relevant codes. Not only does adhering to the rules generally increase workplace safety, but it is also the best defense against paying a fine for breaking the rules. Pallet rack row spacers remove the need for the user to be concerned about the longitudinal flue spaces by allowing the rows of pallet racks to be spaced a minimal distance apart from one another.
  2. Added stability to resist overturning: A pallet rack row spacer makes a pallet racking system much safer when combined with anchoring. These row spacers tie back-to-back pallet racking rows together, adding great structural stability. By properly unifying two rows, they can help increase the width of the racking base and its resistance to tipping.
  3. Establishing uniform spacing: Row spacers are used to establish uniform spacing between rows in order to create racks that are plumb and straight. In addition to that, the spacing offers functionality with regard to the overhang of the pallets and the safety from fire.
  4. Double the depth of the uprights: It is crucial to have a safe height-to-depth ratio. When two rows of pallet racking are joined together, row spacers are used to keep the system stable and lower the height-to-depth ratio of the joined rows. This is accomplished by effectively lowering the height-to-depth ratio of the connected rows.

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