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What are the benefits of pallet racking wire decking?

What are the benefits of pallet racking wire decking?


Pallet rack wire decking is the most popular racking system that works with pallet rack systems to provide pallets with a pallet deck for better pallet storage organization. This solution is cost-effective, way stronger and more reliable compared to other support systems. Pallet racking wire decks are used in order to provide extra support to palletized and non palletized materials and ensure safety to warehouse rack systems.

Wire decks are available in various types, styles and sizes depending on the requirement of the pallet rack system and pallet size of the warehouse. Wire decks are easy to install as their wire mesh design allows high visibility through all the levels on the pallet rack system. Warehouse racking wire decking is mounted on the front and back of pallet racks which allows pallets to be stored two high (in deep-span rack) or four high (depending on the high-bay pallet rack). Wire decks help improve the flexibility of your rack system such as air circulation within the warehouse and forestall dust from building up on stored products for a long term. They also help augment overhead sprinkler effectiveness in case of fireside which allows water to fall through the mesh holes. 

Benefits of  wire decking

  • Provides extra support to your racking systems eliminating product and floor damage. 
  • Available in custom types, styles and configuration with optional finishes like galvanized. 
  • Its mesh design enhances forklift visibility of your inventory from all levels. 
  • Enhances warehouse space utilization as only full pallet loads can be stored without decking. 
  • Brings pallet storage closer to pallet jacks and forklifts.
  • Easy to install with improved ease handling Improves rack storage versatility and productivity. 
  • Improves pallet rack performance as well as the safety of workers.
  • Meets fire safety requirements and its mesh material allows fire to be detected quickly. 


What should you choose for a wire deck?

Pallet racking wire decks could be a versatile storage option that can be used to provide better identification due to its identifiable color coding of the wire between inventory which helps employees to classify pallets required for orders and shipments within the pallet storage organization. Investing in these wire decks can be an ideal option for pallet racks within the warehouse pallet rack system for hand stacked applicants as wire decks help support broken or bad pallets and odd sized pallets. 

Wire decking on pallet rack  helps improve employee safety by providing a safer environment for storage systems by preventing pallets from collapsing or tipping over during lifting activities, which saves the facility costly money in injury claims and inventory damage. Pallets are placed tall off the bottom rather than spreading it out across multiple levels, which saves warehouse managers time and money on pallet storage space, pallet shifting, and pallet removal costs. These decks also help improve ROIs by reducing insurance premiums. Pallet racking wire decks can help improve overall performance and productivity of the system while saving space, time and money in the long term with all required components for storage

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