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What is keystone pallet racking?

What is keystone pallet racking?


The Keystone pallet rack, sometimes referred to as the Republic pallet rack, is named after the shape of the holes in the stanchions. The keystone pallet rack beam clip hooks feature a square tip instead of a round tip for added strength and security. This type of pallet rack was much more common in the past, but is still widely used in the industry. If your company currently has a Keystone / Republic system, or if you need a strong strength-to-weight ratio, this solution may be the best choice.

In the keystone system,  the columns are designed with solid corners and the keystone clips are placed in the areas of least stress so that the system can withstand high loads. The unique design reduces the stress of the entire pallet system and protects it from personal injury and product damage due to metal tears. Keystone pallet racks also use Z-pattern U-shaped braces for added strength.

A distinguishing feature of Republic Racking is the locking mechanism of the system. Republic racks use clip hooks with square beams, as opposed to traditional round hooks, to provide additional strength and security. The strength added by the mounting method is the main reason why Republic racks have become popular in the last few years and are still used in modern camps today.

Republic racks are less commonly used than teardrop racks, so the same considerations apply when considering alternative teardrop styles. Understanding the measurement profiles of stanchions and beams is the key to building a scalable and functional system. It is also important to consider the load requirements.


How is it different from teardrop pallet racking?

Keystone pallet racking is different from teardrop pallet racking as they are less popular than teardrop pallet racking. Further, teardrop pallet racking is the current industry standard for punching styles on selective pallet racking. Different benefits of teardrop racking that differentiates it from keystone pallet racking are as follows:

  • Compatibility: It’s much easier to get along shopping for different equipment as most teardrop rack uprights, beams and accessories can be implied interchangeably with the other.
  • Security: The use of beam pins and safety clips ensures much more strength and is resistant to accidental unloading.
  • Utility: Teardrop rack is much more compatible when it comes to installation without any specialized skills or tools.
  • Flexibility: The teardrop rack’s punching style is standardized to allow the warehouse managers to get along and match with different uprights and beams to fulfill the storage needs.

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