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What is pallet racking?

What is pallet racking?

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Pallet racking resembles the multi-level storage solution that consists of vertical frameworks and load bearing pallets. It is an obvious fact that racks have become a fundamental equipment in every modern warehouse. The ability of accommodation of maximum loads of a variety of weights and sizes has made these rankings a most feasible alternative. These pallet rackings are designed to optimize the storage of different varieties of products in safe and easily accessible state with the help of a forklift. These pallet racks allow safe and secured storage vertically to maximize the space for storage.

Benefits of pallet racking

Pallet racking has numerous benefits for your businesses. Some of these are as follows:

Conveniency: Items in a warehouse should be stored in a convenient place that is easy for them to be retrieved. Staff need to be able to manually collect and deposit items quickly or a forklift needs to be able safely retrieve the whole pallet.

Flexibility: Pallet racking can be set up to support a wide variety of load weights. High quality racking is designed and built to withstand years of persistent use. Durable pallet racking will require little to no maintenance over its lifetime as they offer safe and secure long term storage solutions.

Cost Effectivity and affordability: The latest pallet rack system is an efficient solution to help you reorganize your stored goods on a large scale. High quality shelving systems are affordable, eliminating the need for expensive readjustments and goods movements. Due to its excellent durability, it does not need to be replaced and lasts a long time, so running costs are kept low.

Clean floor space: The ability to install pallet racks vertically to maximize the vertical storage space available in the warehouse moves pallet storage from floor to wall. By eliminating obstacles, floor congestion is reduced, operation is easier, and safety is improved.

Increase in storage: Moving the shelves vertically allows businesses to install more shelves, which may increase the amount of storage available.

Flexibility: Modern teardrop pallet rack systems are flexible, easy to configure and expand as your company grows. As your business grows, you can quickly and easily add storage space to meet growing demand and keep your business available in the future.


How does pallet racking work?

When designing a pallet rack system, the goal is to fit as much material as possible in the available space, leaving enough space for items to be retrieved quickly and easily.

The different working mechanism of pallet racking are as follows:

In the first phase, the warehouse racking layout needs to be determined. For this you need to measure up the space. Then, it’s crucial to note the obstacles. Finally, the best and most feasible location for the product needs to be determined.

In the second phase, the design of pallet racking shelf size needs to be executed. In this, the dimensions and weight of your pallets need to be identified. The depth of the frame needs to be determined. Gradually, the beam size should be chosen with final determination of height.

Lastly, after the pallet racking dimensions are confirmed, the width of the aisle needs to be chosen to maximize the existing storage space.

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