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Category: Inventory Management System

Streamlining Inventory Management via RFID Technology

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 , Pallet Rack Unlimited, No Comments

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology has revolutionized efficient inventory tracking management across various industries by providing real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities. RFID technology in inventory optimizes processes, boosts operational efficiency, and gains a competitive edge by streamlining operations and enhancing accuracy. Here’s how RFID technology streamlines inventory management: Automated data capture: RFID tags contain unique identifiers […]

Inventory Management Systems: A Comprehensive Guide.

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 , Pallet Rack Unlimited, No Comments

Inventory management involves overseeing the ordering, storage, and use of a company’s goods or materials. It is essential for ensuring that a company has the right amount of products or materials at the right time to meet customer demand while minimizing costs. Here is a comprehensive guide of inventory management system requirements. Key Features of […]

Why is inventory control important?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023 , Pallet Rack Unlimited, No Comments

An inventory control system is a set of processes, tools, and strategies that a business uses to manage its inventory effectively. Inventory control’s goal is to ensure that the right amount of inventory is available at the right time while minimizing costs and maintaining accurate records. The importance of inventory control involves managing the quantities and […]

Difference between inventory control and inventory management

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 , Pallet Rack, No Comments

Even though the two terms are not synonymous, they are however related to each other. Inventory management focuses on the warehouse’s entire supply chain whereas controlling inventory is focused on the prevention of stockouts and overstocking.  Inventory Management  The practice of managing the flow of goods along the supply chain is what is referred to […]

What is inventory control?

Thursday, January 19th, 2023 , Pallet Rack Unlimited, No Comments

Inventory control system consists of systems and is the procedure of managing a company’s inventory items, in their own warehouse or over any other locations. It monitors the movement and comprises management of goods from the time you have them in warehouse storage to their final customer destination or disposal of the items that are […]

What is inventory management system?

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022 , Pallet Rack Unlimited, No Comments

An inventory management system   is a combination of hardware and software technology that monitors and manages product inventory, product sales, stocked product and other production processes. This management system manages and maintains each inventory product a business owns and therefore the ones that are ready to be sent to end consumers or vendors. Inventory management […]

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