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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Atlanta, GA

Used & New Cantilever Racks-Atlanta, GA

If you are looking for effective shelving units for storing the long and unadjustable loads in your warehouse then a cantilever rack is something that should be perfect to fit your needs. Pallet Rack Unlimited is a warehouse service providing company that supplies one of the best kinds of cantilever shelving units around the Atlanta, GA area. If you are in need of any warehouse services around the Fulton county area then you can always rely on our expertise regarding warehouse services.

A cantilever rack is a powerful material handling tool that does not require any external bracing with either a single upright or double upright design that makes it easier for storing oddly shaped materials or long supplies. A cantilever rack has the potential to improve the level of productivity in your warehouse while also effectively utilizing your space. However, it is certain to get confused about buying a new cantilever rack or a used one and they both come with some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of new cantilever racks

  1. A new cantilever rack can be customized however you want them according to the structure of your warehouse.
  2. If you have a new warehouse facility and want aesthetically pleasing racks then new cantilever racks are suitable for you as their fresh paints can bring life to your new warehouse.
  3. New cantilever racks come with a warranty which is always a plus point to keep you on the safe side if any accidents may happen or if there are any faulty manufacturing problems.

Disadvantages of new cantilever racks

  1. They can be time-consuming and complicated to assemble in comparison to a used cantilever rack.
  2. They are not suitable for you if you are tight on budget as they can be expensive depending on what type of rack supplier you are working with.

Advantages of used cantilever racks

  1. Used cantilever racks are easy to assemble and can be durable depending on who you buy them from.
  2. They are cost-friendly as compared to a new cantilever rack.
  3. A used cantilever rack is also considered environmentally friendly as you would be reusing.
  4. You can choose a used cantilever rack from a wide variety of second-hand racks that are available in stock throughout the year.

Disadvantages of used cantilever racks

  1. You will not get the privilege of customizing a used cantilever rack.
  2. Used cantilever racks may come with some paint chips and therefore are not as aesthetically pleasing as new cantilever racks can be.
  3. A used cantilever rack will mostly not come with a warranty.

Pallet Rack Unlimited being a complete warehouse rack supplying company can also help you with finding the best used and new cantilever racks and used and new warehouse storage racks along with other warehouse services like rack design for warehouse, pallet rack building, and warehouse relocation services.

Pallet Rack Unlimited specializes in providing the best kinds of cantilever shelving units around the Atlanta, GA area. So CONTACT US TODAY and ORDER the type of used and new cantilever racks or other warehouse services you are in need of for your warehouse.


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