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Benefits of Cantilever Racking Systems

Benefits of Cantilever Racking Systems

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Cantilever racks come under the racking systems with a wide range of racking applications and solutions. Cantilever racks can be used to store difficult types of loads like long pipes, timber, plywood etc which cannot be stored in the traditional racking system. Cantilever racks come under one of the best solutions for holding these types of difficult loads as there are not many options available. 

The only other option we can find to rack these types of difficult loads is Floor stacking which has a lot of downsides. When you stack your loads on the floor you cannot make the maximum use of the height space you have in your warehouse as the load will not be able to balance much. The space in your warehouse is wasted and looks very messy at the same time. Although, floor stacking is the cheaper solution you are losing all the possibilities of making the maximum use of the space available in your warehouse. 

Let us discuss some of the uses of Cantilever racks that can help in solving the problems we have regarding racking in Industrial warehouses. As discussed earlier there are a lot of items that do not fit easily in a traditional rack and Cantilever racks are the best solution for this problem. Items that are usually long and not having square edges are usually the type of loads that create the problem.




Holding longer items in the warehouse: Cantilever racks are the best solution for storing different types of items with different designs and lengths. The regular type of shelves can find it difficult to hold items that can be difficult to stack which is why cantilever racks have been manufacture to minimize the hassle. Given below are a few reasons why Cantilever racks are specially meant for your warehouse.




Strategically designed: Items like beams, lumber or pre-packed furniture are usually the loads that have proved to be difficult to rack. So cantilever racks are designed in such a way that its open design and overall length is ideal for any tall and thin items you need to store off the floor.




Cantilever design has been used for a long time in architectural and construction globally. It has been one of the favorite storage solutions in the storage industry due to its strength that comes with the advantage of its easy assembly and use.

Cantilever racks do not rely on spars or lintels for support which has been the main difference that makes it special. Even though the design might look feeble, they are very strong and reliable, being able to withstand a considerable amount of weight.




Flexible and Accessible: Cantilever racks are designed with two smaller racks on either side of a long i-beam without any shelf above it. Since it has an open design it is more accessible for forklifts or similar equipment to collect items especially form higher shelves. So the design of the cantilever rack allows for easier items placement and retrieval, meaning you can keep more specific items on cantilever racks without worrying about having the hassle to clear out the items that have been piled up in front of the item you require immediately.




Cheap and time-saving: Cantilever racks are easier to build and at the same time is a time and money saver. The design allows for easier item storage and handling, enabling workers to find the parts they need more quickly or load them on the shelves far more easily than with other types of racks. The increased storage space they afford, both depth- and length-wise, also allows for more economic space usage by freeing up space in other areas and allowing for deeper storage to store more items.




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