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Safety bars for your pallet rack

Safety bars for your pallet rack

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The safety bar is an important component of a safe pallet rack storage system. The fall prevention safety bar prevents misplaced pallets from accidentally falling from the horizontal beam of the racking system. Safety bars are sometimes referred to as crossbars, skid supports, and pallet bar supports.
Pallet support bars are a small investment that can greatly improve operational pallet rack safety. As part of a complete shelving solution, it provides reliable security and performance to protect your crew and products. Safer pallet racks are suitable for both employees and revenue.

By prioritizing safety, your operations will benefit from:

  • Increase Productivity: – Reduce the time it takes to refill shelves and select orders by requiring employees to take additional steps to ensure safety.
  • Responsibility Reduction: – Occupational accidents are time consuming and costly. Purchasing the right shelving system and prioritizing safety reduces liability. Properly fixed and supported pallets facilitate compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and maintain compliance with ISO and other standards.
  • Reducing Product Loss: – Avoidable accidents cause warehouses to lose large amounts of inventory each year. A better racking system with a proper pallet support bar is the first line of defense against avoidable and costly accidents.

Fall prevention for your pallet rack

Materials falling from a pallet rack system can be tragic for everyone involved. Pallet racks have established themselves as one of the most efficient ways to store materials, but without proper safety measures, they can cause property damage and personal injury. Therefore, it is important to take precautions to reduce the risk of stored materials falling to lower joist levels, underlying corridors, or corridors. Fortunately, various shelf parts have been developed to prevent this from happening. These include wire mesh decks, nets, screen plates, support bars and safety bars.

The role of the safety bar for the pallet racking system is to prevent pallets that are not properly supported by the front and rear beams from falling. Also note by definition that the safety bar is designed to temporarily support misplaced pallets. This means that you should not rely on the safety bar to support heavy loads, and misplaced pallets should be replaced immediately upon discovery. If size, strength, or style constraints prevent the pallet from being placed directly on both beams, a pallet support bar can be installed instead. These elements are arranged in a similar manner to the safety bar, but are actually designed to support the full weight of the pallet.

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