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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Greenville, SC

Used and New Cantilever Racks in Greenville, SC

If you are in the industry of lumber, carpet, pipes, or other bulky materials, then the perfect storing system for you is cantilever shelving units. Cantilever racks are ideal for storing such long and bulky materials. Pallet Rack Unlimited is a licensed warehouse service company that offers you affordable cantilever pallet racking systems around Greenville, South Carolina. So, if you require such a storing system for your industry then you can trust the experience of Pallet Rack Unlimited to provide you with the best ones.

Cantilever shelving units are the type of storage system that is designed to store the long, bulky, or awkwardly shaped materials such as tubing and pipes, lumber, metal beams, carpeting furniture, doors, trusses, and other similar materials. Thus, if you deal with similar kinds of materials, then a cantilever rack, either used or new, is a suitable storing system for you. Although, there might be confusion about the differences between the used or new cantilever racks. Both used and new cantilever racks have their benefits and drawbacks. Thus, you can choose the suitable one according to your preference and budget.

Advantages of new cantilever racks.

  1. One of the benefits of a new cantilever rack is that they look new and clean, which can be perfect if you have a new warehouse facility.
  2. New cantilever racks are also beneficial if you are looking for a customizable storage system as they can be customized according to your preference.
  3. You can invest in the new cantilever rack as they come with a warranty, while used cantilever racks usually do not come with a warranty.

Disadvantages of new cantilever racks

  1. A new cantilever rack can be a large investment as they are expensive in comparison to a used cantilever rack.
  2. New cantilever racks may take some time to set up or customize, while a used cantilever rack doesn’t take much time.

Advantages of used cantilever racks

  1. Used cantilever racks are affordable in comparison to a new cantilever rack.
  2. As a used cantilever rack is recycled or reused, it is considered to be environmentally friendly.
  3. You can find a lot of used cantilever racks on the stock. Thus, you have a wide selection of second-hand racks, from which you can choose the suitable one.
  4. Used cantilever racks usually do not take much time to assemble.

Disadvantages of used cantilever racks

  1. Used cantilever racks are not as new looking like the new one. However, you are willing to do some renovation to it, then it can still work for you.
  2. A used cantilever rack does not come with a warranty.
  3. You do not have the privilege of customizing a used cantilever rack.

Thus, you can choose the one that suits you or your warehouse best and can expect your supplies within 1-2 days from Pallet Rack Unlimited. Pallet Rack Unlimited also offers you with the warehouse services such as the supply of used and new warehouse shelving, pallet rack design, pallet rack installation, and warehouse relocation services.

So, if you are around Greenville, South Carolina, in search of the cantilever pallet racking, then you can get the best ones from Pallet Rack Unlimited. MAKE CONTACT and GET AN ESTIMATE for the used or new cantilever racks or other warehouse services that you want.


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