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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Panama City, FL

Used and New Cantilever Racks in Panama City, FL

Panama City is one of the most thrilling places to visit known for its heavenly beaches and mouth-watering seafood. Among all the things that can be found in the steadily growing economy of Panama city, warehouses have had a major contribution in the city’s economic growth. There are countless warehouse services providing companies around Panama City and among them one of the most reliable companies around here is Pallet Rack Unlimited. Pallet Rack Unlimited is a fully licensed and insured company providing you with the best quality used and new cantilever racks around Panama City in Florida. So, if you are looking for cantilever pallet racking in Panama City or around the Bay county, FL area then Pallet Rack Unlimited is the best you can find.

A cantilever rack consists of components like:

  1. Arms: They are the horizontal beams extended outward to carry the loads that can be set at different angles.
  2. Uprights: The uprights are the vertical beam that supports the arms.
  3. Base: The base is bolted that provides the stability and support for the uprights to hold the loads.

Now the question is about whether new or used cantilever racks are more reliable for you and your business. Yes, they both have pros and cons but depending on your situation one may be more suitable for you as they can differ in their applications.

A new cantilever is a customizable brand new rack and a used cantilever rack is a second-hand rack that can be found for sale. Physically, a used cantilever rack may have some scratches and paint chips on them and therefore are not attractive to look at as in the case of new cantilever racks. Used Cantilever racks will also not have a manufacturer’s warranty with it. Moreover, you can select a used cantilever rack from a wide variety of second-hand racks as they are usually available throughout the year and are always shipping ready unlike new cantilever racks that need to be customized and assembled once it arrives. Buying a used cantilever rack is also a process of recycling and thus they are environmentally friendly and can be durable and strong depending on the condition it is in. A new cantilever rack, on the other hand, is physically attractive like anything you would buy new and will have all its original properties still intact as they are fresh out of the manufacturers. New cantilever racks can be customized in any type of racking design that you desire, taking in consideration the warehouse space and because of which they are expensive in comparison to used cantilever racks. However, having a trustworthy cantilever racks supplier is very important if you want to get yourself the right racks to work with. Pallet Rack Unlimited has been a trusted cantilever pallet rack supplier for businesses in the Panama City, FL area since 2009 and with us you are always safe.

In addition, we also provide other kinds of warehouse services like warehouse relocation and warehouse racking layout design. These are the types of projects that are required to be done by professionals and we assure you that our skilled cantilever rack contractors have the experience to carry out such projects. Along with such projects, we also supply used and new storage racks and can give you a hand with your pallet rack installation in your warehouse. So, if you are in need of any services related to cantilever racks then, Pallet Rack Unlimited is at your service.

Contact Pallet Rack Unlimited today and LET US KNOW what kind of warehouse racking services would you like for your business. We can be there to help you anywhere around the Bay county, FL area so let us come to your rescue regarding any of your cantilever racking needs.


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