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Some popular use for metal shelving at workspace.

Some popular use for metal shelving at workspace.


Storage racks and shelves are essential for the storage of materials that also provide easy and fast access to the product. Metal shelving refers to the storage space with partitions that provides storage solutions for various industries to store equipment, files, books and tools. Here are some of the popular uses of metal shelving at workplace:

  1. Storing heavy duty items
    If you need to store bulky items in warehouses, workspaces or any other industrial spaces then you will need a heavy duty metal shelving. Unlike plastic shelving, these shelvings are used to hold heavy loads which also means that there will be more space for your workspace as the items can be stacked higher within a less square footage.
  2. Storing office supplies
    Steel shelvings are an ideal option for storing record archives or documents in your workplace as it allows easy finding and access of the documents. With these shelves you do not have to worry about the collapse of the shelves over time.
  3. Cold storage
    Although wire shelving is used in most industries as it can withstand a range of temperatures. Industrial metal racks however allow for less buildup of condensation as well as keeps the items cold because of its flow through ventilation.
  4. Retail storage
    Along with the weight and ventilation, steel shelving also offers a cleaner look when used in a retail store. Its linear and clear design makes it a great choice for storing various products on display shelving units.


Advantages of using industrial steel shelving.

Here are some of the advantages of industrial steel shelving for your storage space:

  1. Durable: Steel shelving is able to withstand wear and tear from the operation of forklifts together with the temperature extremes. Unlike wood shelving, industrial-grade metal is stronger but requires the right protection.
  2. Versatile: Steel shelving is available in various sizes, shapes and colors as well as in many forms like freestanding shelving, wire racks, closet organization, etc. You can make the best utilization of space with customized steel shelvings.
  3. Cost-efficient: These shelvings are cost-effective solutions for warehouse storage which facilitates positioning and access of the items. Since they are available in a wide range of choices you can choose the one that’s on your budget and meets your needs.
  4. Improves efficiency of warehouse storage: Industrial metal racks can be used along with elevators and forklifts which means that there will be an increase in the efficiency of your warehouse.
  5. Space efficient: Steel shelvings have shelves at varying levels where you can store your products from sideways as well. These shelving offers you more space but remember to check the weight-bearing instructions so that you won’t overload the shelves.
  6. Easy to assemble: Assembling steel shelving is not that hard. Even if your warehouse product retailer forgets or does not do it for you, you can easily follow the instructions as you only need to put the rivets together. Using boltless rivets will make the assembling procedure even easier.

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