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Why are Pallet Rack Accessories & Safety Equipment important?

Why are Pallet Rack Accessories & Safety Equipment important?

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The risk of damage to one or more pallet racking system components is very high if your facility uses mechanical handling equipment and pallet racking systems. Pallet rack systems are designed to be highly effective and to support product loads that are numerous times heavier than themselves. The systems are constructed in accordance with standards that guarantee their long-term performance under the configuration’s intended load applications. The design requirements and safety considerations of the pallet racking manufacturer frequently do not take into account the deterioration of capacity and authenticity once the pallet racking system has been damaged. This is one reason why pallet-racking accessories  are important. The impact from a forklift poses the greatest threat to the stability of a pallet rack system and should be avoided at all costs. Because it is unlikely that operators will report a collision that involves pallet-racking structures, the damage may not be noticed for some time. This highlights the significance of regularly checking and maintaining pallet rack systems in accordance with the standards set forth by the manufacturer and the industry as a whole in order to maintain the capacity that was originally designed for them.  


Top 5 racking accessories.

Pallet rack accessories, such as pallet rack hooks and pallet rack tool holders, help keep your warehouse or shipping facility safe and organized. Pallet rack accessories safeguard not only your stock and supplies but, more importantly, your staff. The following are the top 5 pallet racking accessories :

  • Wire deck: Wire decking is a type of metal wire mesh that is specifically designed to fit within the space between the front and rear rack beams of a bicycle rack. It lays the groundwork for the secure storage of items such as non-palletized inventory, containers, and cartons by providing a foundation for doing so.
  • Row spacer: Row spacers are an add-on for pallet racks. They join rows of selective pallet racks that are back to back. To create a longer upright, splice kits join two uprights together.
  • Pallet rack netting: Pallet rack netting is a simple way to significantly increase workplace worker safety. Pallet rack netting keeps products in place on warehouse or facility shelves by preventing product material from falling through the pallet rack, decreasing the possibility of materials falling into the aisle.
  • Pallet rack dividers: M-Dividers can have two or three pallet rack brackets, depending on their size, and they attach themselves to the rear beams of pallet racking. Both loop dividers and D-Bar dividers are designed to make vertical storage simpler, despite the fact that their shapes are distinct from one another. Pallet rack dividers with a single arm’s distinctive shape make it possible to provide vertical space for storage.
  • Column protectors: The building’s framework and the machinery used to move goods around the warehouse are both protected by column protectors that corner-fit into the corners of the columns. Column protectors for pallet racks prevent severe damage to the ends of the pallet rack’s columns, thereby preserving the rack’s overall structural soundness.



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